Youth Business Program

Youth Business Program

Does your child have an amazing idea, product, or service? The purpose of this 10-week incubator is to ignite and equip young individuals for their entrepreneurial ventures by assisting them in cultivating their businesses. Collaborating with mentors and instructors, our aim is to support youth in accomplishing various startup tasks that will pave the way for prosperous business ownership. Within the program, youth will have the chance to select a product, establish connections, seek out funding, and acquire knowledge about financial tools. 

Program Objectives

What You Will Learn

• Establishing an LLC: Discover the legal process of officially forming your business.

• Business Planning: Craft a 1-page business plan that outlines your vision and strategies.

• Financial Planning: Setting up a dedicated business account to effectively manage your finances.

• Branding: Selecting a product and developing a brand identity.

• Marketing: Using the power of social media to promote your business.

• Funding: Explore avenues to raise capital for your venture.

• Selling: Creating an engaging elevator speech to attract potential customers.

• Networking: Expand your customer lists by connecting with new individuals and businesses.

Program Outcomes

Results Of The Program

• Learning the steps to create and run a profitable business.

• Create awareness about financial freedom through entrepreneurship.

• Teach customer service skills and overcome social awkwardness.

• Discover gifts and talents boosting self-confidence.

• Learning how to set goals and manage the outcomes.

• Personal satisfaction from achieving goals.


10 class session meets consecutively.

Location: The HIVE, 140 Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

July 20, 2023 - September 28, 2023 (Thursday)

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

*Program is open to Hampton Roads Virginia residents at this time*

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