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Second Annual
Hampton Roads Kid Expo!

Meet The Hampton Roads Select

The Hampton Roads Select, are an elite group of future youth business owners who have, under the direction of mentors, been given the opportunity to develop, brand, and sell their product at the Hampton Roads Kids Expo. The Bennett Center has partnered with sponsors to provide the children with $1,000 to launch their business. These elite youth were chosen to receive guidance in:

• Creating an LLC.
• Creating a Business Plan
• Opening a Business Account
• Branding a Product
• Marketing a Product
• Raising Capital
• Creating an Elevator Speech
• Networking


Girls Living Boldly LLC.

12 year old Writer and Author Jasmine Thomas is the Vigilante Of Portsmouth. She fights for the injustices of the people of her city. She is also the Owner of Girls Living Boldly LLC. where her mission is to give girls the tools to be confident and live boldly without the fear of judgement. Jasmine’s vision is to empower girls to live boldly everyday.

Alyzabeth, Athena, & Avagrace

Charming Eyesight LLC.

We have slide on charms for your everyday glasses. They work for prescription glasses, sunglasses, etc. With our product you can add a touch of personality to your glasses without having to buy a new pair every time you get bored of them.


Pickles Pastries LLC.

This is a natural dog treat company. We currently have five flavors of dog biscuits that come in heat sealed bags with a shelf life of about 45 days. We also make pup-tato chips which have a shelf life of about 60 days. We carry fresh baked goods such as doggy donuts, pup cakes and bark bites.

Gabriela & Giavanna

Sisters 2 Craft LLC.

We are an online toy boutique that provides kids the opportunity to customize and purchase their own slime. Each slime purchased will come with a charm or toy symbolizing the slime. The goal is to collect all the charms and toys from our slime collection. Our slime is also used as a therapeutic solution to stress as we use essential oils to incite the senses to help people relax.

Eli & Nasir

Adventure Time Eli

The boys have a love and passion for the great outdoors. From the animals to nature as a whole. Since a very young age the two have been enjoying adventures out side and learning about our great planet and ways to enjoy it but also take care of it. The two plan to create a product that not only informs but encourages youth and adults alike to not only spend more time outside but find and apply ways to save the planet.

Nysaun, Messiah, & Laron

Camp Kids

Camp Kids Experience is a dance video game choreographed and characters made by Camp Kids. Rated E for everyone. This goal is to have the video game available over all gaming systems as well on apps for cell phones.