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Third Annual
Hampton Roads Kid Expo!

Meet The Hampton Roads Select

The Hampton Roads Select is a distinguished group of young individuals poised to become the next generation of successful business owners. With the support and guidance of experienced mentors, they have been given a remarkable opportunity to develop, brand, and sell their own products. Operating under the umbrella of The Bennett Center, Hampton Roads Select has formed strategic partnerships with mentors, sponsors, and accomplished professionals in the business world. These collaborations ensure that the participants receive the necessary direction and expertise to effectively launch their businesses and thrive in the competitive landscape. Some of the skills young business owners will develop include:

•Develop Entrepreneurial Mindset
•Establishing an LLC
•Creating a Business Plan
•Product Development and Innovation
•Financial Literacy
•Funding and Financial Management
•Branding and Marketing
•Presentation and Pitching Skills
•Leadership and Teamwork
•Ethical & Social Responsibility
•Networking and Relationship Building


Girls Living Boldly LLC.

Jasmine Thomas, is a 15 year old Author, international podcaster, content creator, and entrepreneur. As the esteemed C.O.B. (Chief of Boldness) of Girls Living Boldly LLC., Jasmine leads an empowering female empowerment organization dedicated to fostering personal growth and self-improvement among teenage girls aged 11-17. Jasmine has a mission to give girls the tools to be confident and live boldly without the fear of judgment. Her vision is to empower girls to live boldly every day.


Jewelz By JJ

Jaida James is a 14-year-old fine arts painter. Her art enhances the aesthetic of personal and professional spaces. Through the use of unique fine art, Jaida uses positive representation of black women to give them a voice. She inspires black women to step up to be seen and heard unapologetically. Jaida provides acrylic and mixed media paintings, self portraits, paper and canvas prints, greeting cards, printed merchandise, paint parties.


Adventure Time Eli

Eli Mackey is a 10-year-old lover of nature and all things animal. He loves to nurture young explorers like himself to love and appreciate nature, while encouraging them to have a lifelong love for wildlife and the environment. Eli conducts educational classes and produces videos that talk about his adventures. He is also the author of 'Eli's Slimy and Scaly Animal Facts'.


Learn With Lee

Lee Dear is an 8-year-old content creator who takes kids like himself, on an adventure to learn how our neighbors help our community function and grow. Lee explores his community to learn how things work. Like, different kinds of trucks. His book, 'Trucks That Help", helps kids understand how each truck can help us live.